buddy cops: the movie poster


Ok. It’s a web series, but I did reference 70’s style collage movie posters when working on the promo photo for Buddy Cops.

The series is (not surprisingly) in the  buddy cop genre. Dialogue scenes are filmed in a street, Law and Order style. It’s funny in a subtle, not too over-the-top way.

Where the filmmakers had a ton of fun was in the action sequences. They decided not to choose between expensive special effects and boring, but realistic quasi-action. Instead, they made the action humorously low-fi. They use firecrackers and photos of a house for a building explosion. Car chases are done with Matchbox Cars on fishing line.

It’s clever and quite funny, which is why I was excited to be chosen to shoot the promo photos. I wanted to keep in line with the tongue-in-cheek high action with low-fi effects. I shot actors Lindy Rogers and Evan Bass as I would for any dramatic photo. We did some leaps and dives with (replica) firearms in the studio. I shot a flying Matchbox Car and some army men painted to look like bad guys in business suits.

The cityscape photos were made possible by the Queens Museum of Art. They have a permanent exhibit called the Panorama. It’s a scale model of New York City. ALL FIVE BOROUGHS. It’s amazing. They allowed me to don some hospital booties and shoot from ground level. I was sprawled out in the Hudson River trying my best not to crush a miniature cruise ship while snapping away with a long macro lens.

Buddy Cops episode 1 “Explosive Lunch”  has just been released on ebassentertainment.com


car_chase Screen grab from one of the low-fi car chases.


panorama Queens Museum of Art employee cleaning the Panorama.


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