Behind the Scenes: Superhero and Sidekick


“I think I want to do a shoot where I’m in a superhero costume,” she said.

Elizabeth McGann - Superhero scan

“That sounds cool,” I replied.

“And maybe my dog has a sidekick costume?” she continued.

“We’re doing that.” My smile almost visible through the phone.

Elizabeth McGann is the founder of Love Your Recovery. She offers an online community and coaching for members in addiction recovery. For many it can seem to take superhuman strength to do the simplest things. And that’s why we shot McGann in a custom-built supersuit,¬†emblazoned with the word “LOVE,” doing things like walking her dog, shopping for organic veggies, and riding the subway. Rather than trivialize small accomplishments, McGann applauds the strength and courage it takes to make small steps in the right direction.

For this shoot, the suit was the key. I got to work with Donald Sanders who’s Broadway credits include running the Tony-award-winning studio of William Ivey Long. He designed the suit in her brand colors and styled during the shoot. I think he he might have been most excited about Ruby the dog’s sidekick costume, though.

Lynsey Buckelew did incredible work with hair and makeup. She let me focus on moments and expression rather than touch-ups.

Gear-wise I went very light. The available light in the city that day was gorgeous. I mostly used small lights and reflectors for fill.

Watch the video of our shoot below to see final images and some adorable dog tongue wagging.



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